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Miguel decided to Speak on the rumors about him being gay.

“At this point, I’ve embraced a lot of worldly cultural and I made it a part of who I am. People who are here who have not done that may look at my choices artistically, how I express myself visually and ecstatically as questionable, especially to my sexuality. Whereas, people who have traveled or who have done the same, it’s not questionable at all [to them]. I think it’s really a question as to whether or not you’re ignorant to what else is out there or not. I don’t say that in anyway to offend anyone, I’m just saying if you don’t understand you got to catch up. We’re flying. For anyone that questions my sexuality, the honest truth is “I love women. I’ve always only loved women. That’s it.” And women kind of like me too, so it kind of works.” – Miguel

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