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Interview: YG Talks Being Shot and New Album with Billboard


YG recently sat down with Billboard to talk about his recent shooting and even recorded a song about the incident. He also spoke about his sophomore album and much more. Take a look at some of what he had to say below and read the full interview on Billboard.

Billboard: What happened the night you got shot?
YG: A little incident. I got shot in my hip, but I’m all right.

Billboard: Who shot you?
YG: I don’t know, and it don’t matter. I got lucky because a main artery is right there, right around the groin. The bullet didn’t go that deep, and it didn’t hit any bones.

Billboard: Bullet? Reports said you were shot three times.
YG: Nah, I got shot one time. It was three bullet holes because it went in, went out and went back in again.

Billboard: Did you really not see who shot you? What do you think their motivation was? Was it gang-related?
YG: It was not gang-related at all. It just happened out of the blue. We don’t know who did it, we don’t know why. We don’t know nothing.

Billboard: What was going through your mind when it happened?
YG: Survival. After I got shot, I’m telling everybody, “Take me to the hospital, because I can’t die.” We hop in my homie’s car and bam — we got in a car accident! We hit an island trying to avoid another car. We had to hop out of the totaled car, hop in another car. At the hospital we had to tell people, “Take me serious right now — you don’t even understand what’s going on.” It was wild.

Billboard: How are you feeling now?
YG: I’m good. I left the hospital that night, and the next day I went back to the studio. Nobody wanted me to go. My mama tells me, “What are you talking about ‘going to the studio?’” But you know, I got shit to do — this shit don’t stop for nobody. I came straight to the studio on my little crutches.

Billboard: You’re a tough guy.
YG: Yeah. I’m hard to kill.

Billboard: Who contacted you while you were at the hospital?
YG: Everybody — family, friends, the label. Lil’ Boosie Facetimed me. I was in the hospital, in a wheelchair, and I lost all my contacts but I see the 504, so I knew it wasn’t anybody in L.A., so I ask who it is and he says, “It’s Boosie. What’s up man, you straight?” He was real concerned, he was like, “My n—a, you good?” and I’m like “Yeah,” and he was like “All right, my n—a.” I know who cares about me and who’s faking. I don’t have to get shot to figure that out.

Billboard: You just played a new track “Twist Your Fingers” about your experience being shot. Was that hard for you?
YG: Was it hard to write about the situation? No, not at all. I mention it and talk about it on the record and let everyone know what and let everyone know whatever they going to know. I’ve been through real shit and I still go through real shit, and I made it in sticky situations and turned the negative into a positive.

Billboard: Another track for the new album sounded like you were very angry with a woman for lying to you. Have you ever had your heart broken?
YG: Yeah. That’s probably why I ain’t got one. That shit broke. It’s filled with all different type of shit that’s f—ed up. It’s not a good feeling. My heart is numb. It’s not broke, it’s numb. It’s numb because of hard situations.

Billboard: Do you feel like it’s really hard to get close to people because of that?
YG: I have trust issues. For reasons, though, plenty of reasons. Like, I don’t know who shot me. I trust nobody across the board. If I ain’t with you almost every day, if you ain’t pulling up, if I ain’t calling you, I don’t trust you, especially now. I know a lot of people be mad, jealous or whatever it is, some people feel like I’m not touchable but I’m still out here, and that make it worse.