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Interview: The Weeknd Talks Kanye West, Music, Drugs, and More

Weeknd Yeezy 3

The 25-year old Toronto singer The Weeknd sat down with GQ to talk about his career, working with Kanye West and more. After releasing a few mixtapes he earned rave reviews and topped the charts with his song ‘Earned It.’ Take a look and read some of what he had to say below and read the full story over at GQ.

GQ: In 2013 you told Complex that you rarely do interviews because you “have nothing to say” and are “the most boring person to talk to.” Do you still feel that way? Why have you avoided talking about your music—and yourself—so far?
Abel: I think I really avoided questions because I felt uncomfortable. I get naturally uncomfortable when I’m put under a magnifying glass. I think when I said I had nothing interesting to talk about, it was just instinct, I was dodging the question. I think I’m a little less awkward now.

GQ: Are you considering being more open going forward?
Abel: A little bit I believe. I love trying new things.

GQ: There was a shocking level of honesty in the early mixtape lyrics. Can you be that honest now that you’re all over the radio?
Abel: All of my music is honest. When I write, I write about my surroundings. Sometimes it’s light and sometimes it gets very dark. With this album I’ve learned to balance them out and evolve my sound.

GQ: When you first came out, a lot of your music was about the girls and the drugs around you in Toronto. How are the girls and the drugs different now?
Abel: They’re not different. I’m just not in Toronto as often. I’ve been in LA a lot, so that should answer your question.