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Interview: Nicki Minaj Talks The Pinkprint, Meek Mill and More with Vogue Magazine

Nicki Minaj Grammys

Nicki Minaj recently spoke with Vogue Magazine from Los Angeles to talk about her album The Pinkprint, her “relationship” with rapper Meek Mill and more. She also touched on feminism in the music industry and whether she’ll still be rapping at 50 years old. Take a look below at part of her interview.

Vogue: Pinkprint has been out for almost two months now. Has the response surprised you in any way?
Nicki: I’ve gotten such great feedback that it’s only really inspired me to do more music. I never connected with people on this level. I think Pinkprint opened me up to so many more people who probably didn’t understand me before—it’s just such a real album that anyone who has ever gone through any kind of relationship issue can understand. And I think that the overall production is so much greater. Everything shows so much growth.

Vogue: What stands out when you listen to it now?
Nicki: When I listen to a song like “Grand Piano,” I’m proud of myself that I sang that song. I’m a rapper at the end of the day, but I sang a song like “Grand Piano” and people can feel every word. And it doesn’t sound like a rapper singing a song. It just sounds like a beautiful song. I’m always proud when I step out of my comfort zone and do songs like that.

Vogue: What do you think your place in the history of rap is?
Nicki: I don’t know. I think that’s for other people to say. I want to be seen as a hard-working businesswoman who really takes pride in writing and rapping in a way that still shows that I’m hungry. I’m still hip-hop—and that’s never going to change. But I do know that I’ve worked really, really hard to perfect my craft and give people something that I can be proud of. I’m my worst critic and I always want to give people something better than I gave them before.

Vogue: How is the single life? Are you partying? What’s a Friday night like?
Nicki: I’ll just say that I haven’t had this much fun in years. Yeah, I am partying, and I am freer, and I am just enjoying myself and my life.

Vogue: You’ve been looking cozy with [rapper] Meek Mill on Instagram, and people are saying that you two are dating. Is he a part of the fun you’re having?
Nicki: Sometimes we hang out, and when we hang out, we have fun. [laughs] This is what I want to say about him: People think for some strange reason that we just started becoming friends recently. We’ve been friends for a very, very long time, and he’s been around for a lot of things that I’ve gone through. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Nicki says that her and Meek are just having “fun” but Meek Mill expressed a different feeling on twitter yesterday, take a look below. To read the full Vogue interview click here.

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