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Interview: Lil Uzi Vert Talks Love and Fame with The Fader

The Fader Uzi

After a successful 2016 releasing music, touring and more, Lil Uzi Vert sat down with Felipe Delerme of The Fader in Hawaii to talk about his music and more. He achieved his first #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts featuring on Migos hit single ‘Bad and Boujee.’ Now, he opens up about being a rapper, his love life and more. Take a look at some of what he had to say below and read the full article over at The Fader.

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On Being a Rapper:

‘Being a rapper is a facade, I ain’t going to lie bro, I’m here for a job. I’m here to record my album… But my friends would never have this opportunity to be here in a million lifetimes.

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On His Relationship:

‘They’re scared people are gonna fuck their girlfriends, (bout Brittany specifically). I’m a rapper, bro. It’s fucked up. Our relationship is fucked up. But, you know, I love her for her and she loves me for me. So, you know. It’s always gon be good.’ (Through DJ Drama, Brittany declined to be interviewed.)

The Fader: Drama said he and Cannon wanted to bring you to Hawaii as a reward for all your hard work, I said. They feel like you wouldn’t reward yourself if it weren’t for them…
Lil Uzi: ‘I don’t know. I WOULDN’T reward myself. I’m already rewarded.’

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The Fader: What do you mean?
Lil Uzi: ‘Oh, I’m already rewarded. I’m not dead and I don’t live where I was born. I got to be able to move, so I’m already rewarded. Shit ain’t for me.’

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The Fader: What’s not?
Lil Uzi: ‘This rap shit. I hate it.’

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The Fader: So it’s a curse that you’re good at it?
Lil Uzi: ‘Yep. You wanna know what the curse is? I gotta take care of my family. That’s the curse right there. I gotta take care of my whole family. That’s why I can’t stop. If I ain’t have to take care of nobody, best believe I’d be regular as fuck.’

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The Fader: But you’d still feel the need to create, wouldn’t you?
Lil Uzi: ‘Yeah, I’d make babies.’

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