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Interview: French Montana Cancels #MC4 Album


After postponing the release of his Mac & Cheese 4 or MC4 album multiple times due to sample clearance issues and an unfortunate album leak, French Montana is scrapping the project altogether. In a recent interview with Complex, French unveiled there will be no MC4 album at all. Rather than to put out an album which sounded less than expected because samples couldn’t be cleared, he’s moving on to a new project.

Take a look and read some of what French had to say about canceling the album below and read the full story over at Complex.

Complex: Can you explain the setbacks with MC4?
French: Songs like “I’m Heated” and “Two Times” couldn’t be cleared. By the time I got the mix how I recorded it, it wasn’t the same. I just ain’t have the same feeling for it. Everybody had to replay shit, and do all this extra shit, so I wasn’t in the mood to put it together. All the music going to come out, you know what I’m saying, just packaged differently. Plus, the album got leaked.

Complex: Do you feel like you let the fans down?
French: Nah, I feel like I didn’t because I’m going to still drop something.

Complex: Was it hard walking away from MC4?
French: Yeah, of course. [But] let me tell you something: I’m never married to a date. I got 17 mixtapes I put together, and one album—that’s 18 projects in my whole career. I’m never married to a date. I put it out whenever it’s right. You could force yourself to make it to that date, but if it’s not right, [if] it don’t come out right, you can’t force it.


Complex: Have you started working on a new project?
French: Yeah, I’m like 70 percent done.

Complex: What’s something you want to accomplish with the new release that you didn’t with Mac & Cheese 4?
French: Just make sure it don’t get leaked. That’s why I don’t want to announce the name or nothing. I just want to wait until it’s done and just drop it. Make sure it don’t leak, make sure everything is cleared before I announce anything.

Complex: You’re supposedly going to drop a mixtape in October?
French: Yup, a project. It’s going to be some of the best music you’ve ever heard.

Complex: You and Max B came up together, and you’ve stayed in touch with him since he was sentenced to 75 years in prison in 2009. In September, it was revealed he will be up for release in just two years. Where were you when you first heard that news?
French: I been knew he had an appeal, but I found out from [music executive] Frank Babar—Frank is this guy who helped me and Max out—while I was on the Bad Boy Tour. We been working trying to get him out since he got in. We had our fingers crossed, you know?

Complex: How did you react when you heard that he would be getting out?
French: Man, I was excited. Besides all the music, besides everything, that’s my brother. His mother is like my mother. When I lost him, I just didn’t lose somebody that was rapping with me, I lost my brother and I was hurt more than anything. Like I always told the people, I have one dream, and that’s for me to see him out of jail.

Complex: What’s the earliest he could be out?
French: The earliest he can be out is two years; the latest is six to seven. They reduced his 75 years to two years. [When he gets out] I think me and him are going to partner up with our own label. He’s the illest when it comes to names, so I’m waiting for him [to choose a name for the label]. That’s the Silver Surfer.


Complex: What do you think the response to his release will be once he touches down? Do you think it’s going to be similar to when Gucci came home?
French: I think it’s going be a lot bigger than when Gucci came home.

Complex: Max has been away for a long time. Do you think he’ll be able to fit into the current music landscape?
French: He did another bid just like this before, seven years, then he came home. He is a Silver Surfer. I don’t think he aged. He’s on top of everything that’s going on.

Complex: Are you and Max planning on releasing some songs from the vault before he’s released?
French: Yeah, I might throw something out with me and him this week or next week.

Complex: Has he spoken to you about who he wants to work with?
French: First he wants to get in the studio and put something together for himself. I don’t think he’s thinking about working with anybody right now. Or if he do, that’s on him. He got his own relationships with people he fucks with.


Complex: Are you going to vote in this election?
French: I think I’ma vote.

French’s publicist [interjecting]: He can’t vote.

French: Huh?

French’s publicist: You’re not a citizen, you can’t vote.

French: Yeah I can, I’m a citizen.

French’s publicist: You’re a citizen now?

French: A green card don’t make you a citizen?

French’s publicist: No. He can’t vote so we’ll skip that question.

Complex: As a Muslim immigrant living in America, what does the possibility of a Trump presidency mean to you?
French: The leader of this country should promote everything with positivity. I mean, I don’t feel like everything he’s doing is bad—sometimes you gotta make certain choices that are going to help the country as a whole. But not these extreme measures that he’s doing, not stopping a whole race. I feel like anyone with some common sense [can see that] he’s hiding a lotta things that he will do if he do get in that position. It’s just like the tip of the iceberg he’s showing people.

I feel like Trump made [his campaign] bigger than what anybody thought, and that comes from him being a businessman. He used to selling Trump penthouses; he know how to negotiate. It’s good to manipulate, if you have positive thoughts. When you manipulate something and you have a dark heart, it’ll reflect on the country as a whole.