Interview: Clique Talks with Future

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The French outlet Clique sat down with rapper Future to talk about his career, life and more. The compete interview is in French but you can read the full interview below, watch it and check it out over at Clique.

Mouloud: It’s hard for an artist in the US, talking to the media, because they make the forcing and talk about everything except music. They never talk about their music. You, everything you say is in your words. You’re the most productive artist this year. You made three mixtapes, an album …
Future: I do not support. As I said, I manage what I stand, what I control what I can change. If there is something I can not control, I do not support. I do not support social networks, I can not control what happens on the Internet, the reactions of people on the way, I can not control the sites where they post stuff.

If I can not control myself, I do not mind. I do not manage the problems that I can not control. If I can not control anything in my possession, and I can not have control over something … If it hurts that I can heal, I speak, otherwise I not talk.

Mouloud: You tell me that you grew up in a crack house, you lived the life that you have lived, you have been successful …
Future: My mother always managed to make me to live better, no matter the situation in which I was. She helped me to live better. This is the only thing to do.

Mouloud: Is that true that she was on call to 911?
Future: No, my mother worked at 911. She worked all the time. I had to stay with my aunt. My aunt used to take drugs. Thank you God, she’s been clean for some time. But before it hit me, I did not know what she was doing because she forced me to stay in bed. I always grew up learning not to judge people for what they say. I grew up like any other, I said no to drugs. I lived in a house where people were doing illegal activities but I’m against drugs. I did not go to school. If something was happening in front of me, I knew not to say anything, it was my environment.

This is my way of life, that’s my story. It is normal. The important thing is how you face things. If I had not given the best of myself, I will perhaps not be here. I like to watch my surroundings and tell myself that I could be like these people. I think that it’s an experience with which I grew up and I pay attention to stay motivated. I had different dreams of what I saw.

What I saw, my way of life, I wanted to live like that. It’s not because my family lived like that. I wanted to create my own environment, I created my way, my success. My success is not the greatest, but until we succeed, that’s cool. You meet obstacles, you make mistakes, but most of the time you manage to overcome them.

Mouloud: as they say, Inshallah, this is the beginning of success.
Future: It is always a beginning, a fresh start. 2016 … No matter what happened in 2015, if it does not reach thee is that you must advance. In 2016, you can be someone different, change of life. You can forget who you were in 2015.

Mouloud: So what will 2016 be like for Future?
Future: In 2016, I will focus on improving the lives of those around me. Pay more attention to my family, I will devote more time. At first I did not want my family to say she was my family, I did not want to arouse negative reactions to what I was experiencing, they fight if they talked bad about me. If no one knows you’re my cousin, my sister, my brother, it’s easier for you to go to work.

Mouloud: In the Trap music, they all used the same rhythms, and each time you were coming with a new style, you found new rhythms and new metrics.
Future: I am a pioneer and I run fashion. I can not work without the tone, I must impose a trend.

Mouloud: But how do come up with these ideas, this technique?
Future: Understand that God put me in this position. It does not happen by chance. I keep on course, without worrying about the others. I’m just going forward, I always go ahead and think about the next step, the next point to be marked with new concepts. I do not inspire concepts that another artist may have, this is not what I do. This is my way of looking at things, even if I love what they do, I will not do it the same way. I do not do it, that’s all. I am good enough to take care of myself as Jesus.

Mouloud: You seem comfortable here in Europe.
Future: This is where it all began, the last time when I made ‘Monster.’ It started here. The race. The mad rush, it began in London. I have not yet released anything for 2016, and now I’m back here. When I was interviewed for ‘Monster,’ nobody knew I was going to launch it. Here we are in an interview, but you know what, I’m on deck to launch? I said nothing to anyone about the projects I start. I do not tell you, I’ll just prove it. So just know that when I’m in London and I’m leaving, it’s a tidal wave. I’m crazy, people must think I’m drugged during interviews. When I did ‘Monster,’ I was sober, but everyone thought: He was drugged! It’s not possible ! I was not on drugs and I’m not drugged now. There is nothing in London. I do not think, sorry, but I do not find drugs that I love. And those I love are really bad.

Mouloud: I do not think you can be as creative and productive when you take drugs.
Future: It is not possible for some. It depends, I do not need drugs all the time. I’m not really hooked. My music may transmit the image.

Mouloud: But you often say that Future is the bad guy that everyone wants to have.
Future: Yes, they love it. I’m like El Chapo.

Mouloud: And you think you can do something about firearms in the United States? It is in the culture …
Future: Let’s stop selling them. But I can not comment on something I can not change.