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In a Christian Post article that published today, entitled, “Cassidy Exclusive: Rapper Using Mainstream Hip Hop to Bring Salvation to Masses?” Cassidy discussed his upcoming EP with Philadelphia-based Pastor Jomo K. Johnson.

Cassidy told The Christian Post that he felt compelled to become more vocal about his relationship with God after overcoming the two significant events.

“When I came from jail and recovered from the accident I definitely felt obligated to talk about my relationship with God because that’s the only way that I could make it through those situations that I was in. That’s why I did the album B.A.R.S and did a lot of songs like ‘Done 4 Me’ and ‘Leanin’ on the Lord’ with Angie Stone,” Cassidy told CP of his decision to feature faith-based songs on his mainstream rap release in 2007. “I just wanted to show people that you can come from the streets, you can be around a lot of different things but still have a relationship with God and be an artist and talk about it.”

Still, the rapper, who has deemed himself “Da Hustla,” admits that it is not easy to be a Christian rapper who also appeals to people from the streets like where he comes from.

“It’s kind of hard because a lot of people in the world know me for what I used to be and love my music and respect me for that. So you don’t want to lose fans, but there are also a lot of people that love me because I’m going in the direction of the lord,” Cassidy revealed to CP. “It’s hard to balance it out but I try to to the best of my ability. Another thing I don’t want to do is at this particular point do all records about the lord or go completely in the direction of lets say certain gospel singers or things like that.”

Read more at http://global.christianpost.com/news/cassidy-exclusive-rapper-using-mainstream-hip-hop-to-bring-salvation-to-masses-89512/#ysrAQkhbb73RkWiH.99

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