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Interview: Busta Rhymes Talks w/ Sway About Leaving Cash Money

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Busta Rhymes stopped by Sway in the Morning to give a three part interview. Check out Busta discussing losing a record produced for him to later appear on Nas’ classic Illmatic album. He also explained when he decided to start making solo albums, Busta revealed if the beloved, Leaders of the New School could ever reunite. Check out the interview below.

Part 1

To continue with Busta’s interview, in Part 2 he spoke about the “Calm Down” record he did with Eminem and how the two of them got a bit competitive with each other in the studio. Busta went on to address the song he did with Janet Jackson and the dating rumors that surrounded the music video. Finally, the rapper spoke about why he decided to leave Cash Money Records and why there are no hard feelings between them. He also spoke about the Total Slaughter Rap Battle that happened a few weeks ago, more specifically Loaded Lux’s diss toward him during his freestyle.

Part 2

For Part 3 of the Busta Rhymes’ interview on Sway in the Morning, the Brooklyn rapper spoke about his signature sound and why he decided to tone it down. Additionally, Busta talked about rappers jacking each other’s sound.

Part 3