Interview: A$AP Ferg Talks New Album & More with GQ

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A$AP Ferg sat down with GQ Magazine for a very open interview about revealing the ‘real him’ on his new album, Always Strive and Prosper. The interview shows a more complex Ferg than the gold teeth and furs. He unveils years spent painting silk-screened shirts, like his father, and being a designer at an early age. Take a look at some of what A$AP Ferg had to say below, and read the full story over at GQ.

On His Music:

‘I was so afraid of being my old self. I feel like my fans get thrown off when I’d do an Ariana Grande collaboration or a Skrillex collaboration,” he says, referencing two of his more surprising post–Trap Lord moves, “or put an onyx on my Instagram. But these are all the things I’m into.’

‘I don’t want to approach my craft with just crazy flows or how I could kill beats and this and that,” he says. “What my focus is now is what’s coming out of my mouth and how is this going to affect people and what impact is this going to have on the world when they listen to these words.’