Interview: A Boogie Talks Debut Album, Name Change and More

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After delivering multiple mixtapes, A Boogie announced his debut album The Bigger Artist will arrive on September 29th. Fresh off his performance at Made in America Festival over the weekend, he sat down with Billboard to talk about the forthcoming LP plus more. Take a look at some of what he had to say below and read the full story here.

Billboard: What can fans expect from The Bigger Artist?

A Boogie: The album about to be crazy, man. September 29th. Shit is about to be different, man. I ain’t gonna lie, it’s gonna be different vibes, man. You see how I do love songs? It’s gonna be those in there, but I threw different types of vibes in it that I don’t really go on. So I got a song with Chris Brown on there, Trey Songz on there, I got 21 [Savage] on there, PnB Rock, NBA YoungBoy. It’s about to be different, man.

Billboard: What kind of chances did you take on this album that you never took on the mixtape circuit?

A Boogie: It’s gonna be kind of connecting to my other projects. Like, I started off throwing out Artist. I made that my first mixtape. Then, I threw out TBA, which means To Be Announced. Right now, it’s The Bigger Artist. So it’s all connecting. But I stopped doing that mixtape thing. I’m not really rocking with mixtapes no more. EPs and albums, that’s it.

The Bigger Artist | 9/29

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Billboard: Why no more mixtapes?

A Boogie: Speaking of that, I forgot. I got one more mixtape coming. Me and Don Q dropping a mixtape.

Billboard: You also said you were interested in going back to school at some point. Is that still a priority for you?

A Boogie: Real facts. Not right now, but even in a year. I gotta plan that out. Probably not even a year, I got some shit going on right now [Laughs].

Billboard: If you were to go back to school, what would you pursue?

A Boogie: I still gotta look into that. It’s a lot of things to learn out there. For example, you see how monks sit there all day and they just think all day. What do they think about? That’s how I’m thinking. It’s a whole bunch of things out there to learn about life in general. I don’t wanna learn about more science and math. That’s not why I’m going to college. I’m trying to learn more in life.

Billboard: You have two platinum records, “My Shit” and “Drowning.” You also have two gold plaques for “Timeless” and “Jungle.” How does it feel to have attained all of this success so quickly?

A Boogie: It’s crazy. All in 2017, man. It’s been a crazy year. I just hope to keep on pushing those platinum [singles], like stacking on top of each other. I need all those plaques in my studios. I’m sending them to my mom’s and that’s just more motivation for me. My mom is proud of me, my pops proud of me, everybody keeps motivating me. I keep the same people around me.