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Jim Jones Shares All at Cipha Sounds‘ HipHop Improv TAKE IT PERSONAL Will Feature Hip Hop’s Elite Each Show

New York, NY, August 6, 2013 – On Friday, August 2, 2013, Jim Jones was featured in the Hip Hop Improv Show – TAKE IT PERSONAL presented by Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), the top improv theatre and school in NYC. Improvisers from Cipha Sounds’ team “A Tribe Called YES” (Abra Tabak, Anthony Atamanuik, Brandon Gardner, Christian Capozzoli, Phil Jackson, Lydia Hensler, and Ryan Karels) reenacted stories originally told by Jim Jones.

During the show rapper Jim Jones told the audience how he nearly died because he dissed Farrakhan in a rap song as well as how Ma$e first taught him how to rap. “Jim Jones might have been the best guest we have had so far. He told a story about Farrakhan that was the funniest story I have ever heard. Also, Jimmy jumped on stage with us and did some improv… TURN DOWN???? For what!,” said Cipha Sounds.

Music was provided by DJ Juanyto of Hot 97 and Sirius XM.

Take it Personal will continue every Friday at the legendary UCB Theater.

Jim Jones Story About Almost Dying Because He Dissed Farrakahn @ Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal 8.2.13 from J. Aire on Vimeo.


cipha sounds show on microphonebully