Foxy Brown did a photoshoot with the New York Post and sat down to talk about everything from Jay-Z, her recent court cases to her hearing loss. She also touched on her upcoming projects and more.

She talked about her friendship with Jay-Z:

“Jay and I are each other’s history. We discovered each other, basically. Our first record together was what blew both of us up. We became Bonnie and Clyde . It was 2005 and Jay said to me, ‘You and Naomi are the most misunderstood female celebrities ever. You have to meet. “. “He set up a meeting in office at Def Jam . We came in, and we’ve been like sisters ever since.”

On her Hearing loss:

“I lost one of my senses, and that’s the hardest thing I went through. It’s a miracle I got it back. I can hear running water again. I can hear my mother say, ‘I love you.’ I’m on an assignment from God.”

On her childhood:

“All my friends were in the park smoking weed and getting pregnant. I didn’t want to be the young black girl having a baby, a baby’s father, being on welfare. That wasn’t going to be my story. I wanted to be a criminal-justice attorney.”

She talks about her case and prison time:

“The mooning thing bothered me more than anything else in the past — because I’m a lady. I’m cut from a different cloth. I would never moon someone. I was raised in a good family.”

“The prosecutors just wanted my head. If Lindsay Lohan was black, she would have done two years, at least. Is there no equal standard? You’d have thought Obama was in the building when I walked in: The girls loved me. The officers were jealous because I was getting hundreds of thousands of letters a week.”

And, on her future projects:

“I live a different life, I’m not at every party; I’m not seen everywhere. That’s why people still care about my brand. I’ve never whored myself out.”

She says she’s still debating whether to accept Hugh Hefner’s $2 million offer to pose on the cover of Playboy.

Brown says she plans to release a long-delayed album in 2011. She is also suing New York City for $100,000 for civil-rights violations, false arrest and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

She’s also writing a memoir about fame, titled “A Gift and a Curse.”

To read the whole article on Foxy Brown click here.

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