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Fashion: Blake Griffin Covers Oct 2014 GQ Magazine

GQ Cover October 2014

Here is the first look at the new GQ Cover for October 2014 featuring The Los Angeles Clipper star forward Blake Griffin. Below we will give you a preview of the official write up from GQ


Blake Griffin’s new Los Angeles home, not far from the ocean, is big and white and mostly still empty, though he moved almost a year ago. There are empty boxes of Jordans in the garage, a mouth guard out on a marble countertop, and twin servings of sea bass on the dining-room table where we first sit down to talk. The house, he says, was mostly finished when he found it, though he’s had a few alterations made. “Downstairs there was gonna be a wine cellar, but we made it into a big trophy-case room.” He pauses for a moment, and together we contemplate wine and winning. “There’s a metaphor there somewhere,” he says.

A few weeks ago, he was in Croatia. “We went to Dubrovnik, which is—do you watch Game of Thrones at all? That’s King’s Landing.” Griffin binge-watched the show in “like seven days” after his team, the Los Angeles Clippers, were bounced out of the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder. He went a little crazy, watching them so fast. “It was dangerous. [laughs] It was bad.”

It was also a welcome distraction from a long and difficult spring dominated by the racist meltdown of his team’s then owner, Donald Sterling. Sterling’s TMZ tirade and the team’s subsequent loss to the Thunder were the two discordant notes in an otherwise memorable year for Griffin. He has not missed an All-Star Game in the four seasons he’s played. He might already be the most gifted comic actor ever to suit up in an NBA uniform—a commercial-break mainstay who also has the respect of actual professional funny people like Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan, who sends him scripts to punch up. And last August, he became a father.


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