Fashion: A Closer Look At Mustache Pete – @MustachePeteC_A

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Mustache Pete is an urban conceptual “street style” brand found in the Brooklyn NY. Inspired by two books Lansky ,and the Last Testimony Of Charlie Luciano. The visionary and creative director of Mustache Pete Clothing worked diligently with a branding ,packaging , and identity company based in Greece which took nearly two months to create two logos that would define Mustache Pete Clothing. One being an autograph signature like symbol. Which are the letters M and P creatively forming a mustache and the other a circle medallion , coin like shape image of a face with piercing eyes called the identity. Being motivated by the positive essence of what a Mafia once represented – loyalty, trust, and power – Mustache Pete is once again a reality …transformed into a conceptual “street style”clothing line. The spirit of Mustache Pete lives on!!!

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