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Event: @YoungMAMusic and @Vado_Mh Charity Concert Presented by @DjUncleTone


“DROP THE GUN, PICK UP THE MIC”,Stop The Violence Hip-Hop Charity Concert is being held Tuesday September 20th 2016 from 9pm-2am at Webster Hall’s Marlin Room. Performances by Young MA, Vado, Cashflow Harlem, Mysonne, Dyme A Duzin, Dyce Payso, Hemi, AiGzz, Cheekthehot & more.

This event is being independently funded by H.A.L.O Music Promotions a subsidiary of H.eaven’s A.ngels L.ive O.n Earth Inc. We are booking artists, dj’s, and talent that our youth admire and will be more prone to listen to them when they say “Drop The Gun, pick up the mic, book, rock or whatever it is you love to do”, “We have to stand United” “We have to stop the senseless killing” etc.

This benefit concert is to raise funds to create youth activities in the inner-city neighborhoods of NYC specifically the NYCHA houses. It is our intent to create more prosocial activities such as youth basketball tournaments and basketball clinics, youth talent shows, workshops such as educational, team building, life skills, financial literacy, leadership, health and nutrition, Final Cut Pro, Adobe suite, protools and many more.

It is a focal point for us to show our youth that although we have dreams and goals in life. Life sometimes have a way to stop us in our tracks. Everyone can’t become a star athlete, rapper, actor, model, designer, producer etc. But there are still many opportunities where they can become multi-millionaires in those same industries. We are seeking to help our youth explore and open their minds to those options as alternatives.

Our mission is to educate, give more opportunities to, and help our youth and young adolescents thrive and flourish. We want to enhance those youth that are already thriving and striving for their goals and dreams. Creating more opportunity, financial resources, jobs, minority owned businesses will create more wealth in the impoverished, crime and violence infested communities. Violence is mostly spot lighted and has a higher rate in communities with a high poverty rate. As a result, creating more wealth and jobs should decrease and deter violence because you’ve given them a sense of hope and incentives that most people would not want to jeopardize losing.

H.A.L.O Music Promotions is joint venturing and collaborating with Long Run Ent., Guns Down Life Up, DTF Radio, Dice Hoods Ent., The Matrix Studios, Victor Seltzer Ent., Blockillustrated, ShonTProductions, and Mindset4Life to bring this event and mission to life. The more participants who want to see the community change the more impact we can make!