Eminem’s Road to Total Slaughter on Fuse TV – Ep. 2

Total Slaughter

Eminem Presents Road to Total Slaughter, and in episode 2, with just eight hours to prepare, the contestants learn who their first round opponent will be. Everyone heads to Slaughter Studios in Brooklyn for the first round of the tournament. They are all trying to earn a spot on the undercard of the Total Slaughter main event on July 12th. In this episode Daylyt battles Arsonal, and Dizaster goes up against Math Hoffa. If you missed episode 1 check it out here.

Road to Total Slaughter – Ep. 2

Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa

In the below video, things go totally left when Math dares Dizaster to punch him in the face. And what does Dizaster do? He punches him in the face.

Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa Fight