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Does Drake want to leave Young Money for Roc Nation? Well, that may just be the case. A source close to the Young Money camp says that Drake wants out! Drake, who is currently on tour with Roc Nation artist J.Cole, feels he would be better off as a Roc Nation Artist. Drake doesn’t feel he fits into the Young Money “hood” type of antics going on over there, and that he would fit in better at Roc Nation. And the funny thing is his own mom is convincing him to leave.

Jay-Z is trying to negotiate getting Drake on his roster but Bryan “Baby” Williams is not willing to let him go that easy. Drake is only obligated to Cash Money for albums and not tours. So this gave Jay the opportunity to work with Drake as he tours the country with J.Cole.

A couple months ago we heard there was animosity between Lil Wayne and Drake (over a certain female), and our sources said they got into a scuffle. Could this have been the start of the Young Money separation?

But wait, this is where things get even worse. Young Money will be going on tour next month, but Drake will not be joining his labelmates. Hmmm, I think that sums everything up in a nutshell. Expect some changes with the Young Money roster, and some announcements from both camps in the months to come.



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