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[Audio] @Monstakodi ‘No More Killin’

[Audio] Monsta Kodi 'No More Killin'

Monsta Kodi, born in Harlem Hospital raised in the Bronx & flourished in the South debuts with his hit single “No More Killin” produced by Strictly Kong Entertainment. Being a strong advocate against Police Brutality and senseless violence among the urban city youth, Monsta Kodi is releasing “No More Killin” A song inspired by the killing of Mike Brown a young black male gunned down by police in Ferguson, M0 while being detained with “Hands UP”.

Fall of 2015 Strictly Kong Entertainment has teamed up with DJ Montana & DJ Tiny Toon to release the first mixtapes from the mixtape series featuring Monsta Kodi. Visuals for the hot single “No More Killin” also will be released later this fall. Monsta Kodi took the commute to Ferguson, MO to participate in the community protest for the wrongful killing of Mike Brown. Monsta Kodi will also be releasing a documentary showing the community’s voice against Police Brutality.

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State: New York
Contact: (404) 433-0541