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Audio: Joe Budden States He Has Bars Ready For Meek Mill

Joe Budden Podcast

Joe Budden says he has 70 bars waiting and ready for Meek Mill, in the event that Meek decides to say his name on any diss tracks. He says he was tuned into Funk Flex’s radio show on Hot 97 a few nights ago to see if the record Flex played had any mention of him. Take a listen to his latest podcast, I’ll Name This Podcast Later, Episode 24.

Part of the reason I waited by that radio was because I did need to see if he were stupid enough to just mention my name. I don’t think he will, but it doesn’t matter, I’m already about 70 bars in on him. In the event my name would have been said I would be in the studio right now instead of recording this podcast and I would have a reply out this morning. –Joe Budden