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Audio: Dame Dash and Funk Flex Beef Heats UP!


The beef between Dame Dash and Funk Flex just keeps going with each responding promptly to the other. It all started a few nights ago when Dame decided to post a few pics on Instagram venting his fustration with a few guys in the industry including Joi Manda and Lyor Cohen. Take a look below at the instagram posts Dame put on his timeline.

Directed to Joi Manda
Dame Flex - Joi Manda

Directed to Lyor Cohen
Dame Flex - Lyor Jay-z

Now we all know, especially if you’re from New York, that Funk Flex is one of the few DJ’s that is not afraid to speak his mind. So Flex decided to address the issue on his regularly scheduled radio show and say how he felt about what was going on.

Flex basically said although Dame is a really good dude, he didn’t move in a way a music exec should move in order to keep his position, he made some mistakes he could have fixed up, and ‘trying to put people like Lyor,and Joi Manda on blast’ and saying things like ‘culture vultures’ wasn’t necessary, and doesn’t make sense since these ‘Culture Vultures’ made Dame Millions!!!. Flex said Dame shouldn’t be upset about the Curren$y situation because Curren$y was so digital he didn’t know what to do with him (citing Dame just joined IG not too long ago), and ‘even if Curre$y loved Dame, he couldn’t stand next to him because Dame was ‘self destructing’.

Well, Dame was not happy with the comments Flex made on his radio show so he decided to post another instagram picture to respond:

Directed to Funk Flex
Dame Flex - FUnk Flex

Dame also posted this instagram pic:

Directed to Funk Flex and Joi
Dame Flex - Joi Manda Flex

Then last night Flex announced he was going on the radio to address the issue with more clarity and Dame said he was going to address it also posting this:

Dame Flex - Flex

Flex on Hot 97 addressing Dame Part 2

Dame Dash on The Combat Jack Show