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Artist Profile: Who is Pop/R&B Sensation Cordula?

Dr. Cordula Davis - voice of an angel

Cordula – My Ride

Singer/Songwriter Cordula hails from the DMV and brings with her a wealth of musical and performance training, creating a polished yet very natural presence on stage and in her personal engagements with her fans. Cordula’s newest single “My Ride ,” on Music’z Therapy/Universal/Fontana , released last week and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Already capturing radio and music executives’ attention and energy, Cordula is positioned to be one of the breakout artist of the year. What makes her even more interesting is…Cordula is a medical doctorDr. Cordula Davis is not your ordinary physician, she also believes in the healing power of musicand she comes with a style and power which puts her in a legendary class of singers. A portion of the sales proceeds from her new project will support community health care programs.

Cordula "My Ride"


Cordula began her entertainment career at age three, beginning with tap and ballet. By age 10 she earned a spot on the prestigious Peabody Institute Choir AND helped co-write her school song which is still used today. Classically trained as a musician and singer of multiple styles, Cordula brings tomusic, a true sense of artistry reminiscent of past lady masters and she loves healing through this medium, as well as via her medical career. A stunning natural beauty, Cordula’s music overshadows that aspect, as she effortlessly weaves between the husky low alto and sharp soprano scales, presenting a musical adventure not to be missed.

Needless to say, Cordula is also the subject of one of the greatest quandaries in the music business right now. She is a medical doctor who also teaches up and coming medical doctors, that sings like a nightingale and desires to let the music take over and be her vehicle of expression. My mom always said being a doctor was as good as being president, but Cordula’s heart has been with music and performing since she was three years old, when she began tap and ballet training.

Managed by Robert Terell aka “The Official Deal Maker” and one of the shining diamonds of hisWealth Nation Entertainment roster, Cordula has been brought along at just the right pace to be an impact on the music industry when it is the most quiet as regards real artistry. Wealth Nation Entertainment guided and orchestrated Cordula’s label situation with Universal Music Distribution and her imprint Music’z Therapy is not only to be a vehicle for her music, but also a home for other artists in the future.

Stunningly beautiful, ethereal voice quality and unyielding professionalism, gives Cordula the impetus to capture and secure her place as a major voice in the music industry. Her strong dedication to community and healing through all mediums, gives this artist the base needed to withstand the test of time in music, business and as a personality with a huge heart married to an even bigger voice.

Find out more about Cordula, view her videos and music via her official website; her new single “My Ride” is available on iTunes.