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Album: Frost Gamble ‘Handpicked’

Album: Frost Gamble 'Handpicked'

Frost Gamble is a producer from Winnipeg and he drops a new album entitled Handpicked. Frost Gamble produces the entire album with and it has an underground hip hop sound to it. This release contains features from across many North American hip hop artist such as; Tone Chop, Charlie Fettah, White Rhino, J-Ro, P-Live, Sadat X, Tahmell, Mr. FINI, M-Styles, DJ Bazooka Joe, Tenille Doram, Swing Adam and Fresh I.E

Track Listing

1.The Ritual Intro 01:18

2.True Born King ft. Tone Chop & Charlie Fettah 03:39

3.Turn It Up a Bit ft. White Rhino & J-Ro (of the Alkaholiks) 03:46

4.In the Hood (They Love Us) ft. P-Live, Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) & Tahmell 03:38

5.Believe In Love ft. Mr. FINI, White Rhino & M-Styles 04:06

6.So Spectacular ReUp ft. Tone Chop & DJ Bazooka Joe 02:52

7.Holding Me Down ft. M-Styles 02:23

8.Love ft. Mr. FINI & Tenille Doram 03:02

9.Sunny Day ft. White Rhino & Swing Adam 03:38

10.Mean ft. Tone Chop 02:41

11.Without You Interlude 00:56

12.Keep Believing ft. Fresh I.E. 03:04


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