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Ironically, even though it’s called the hip hop or rap (and yes, there is a difference) “game”…this is not a game. This is a serious business and to some…this is their life. Common’s quote/bar gives us a clear view of the significance of the cause and affect in hip hop and the importance of it to the listeners…as well as it’s participants. In order to be a microphone bully, you got to understand and respect the cause and affect of hip hop.

As a artist, you have to understand hip hop/rap. Notice, i didn’t say/write “like” it, but understand it. A great proverb tells us “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding (church)”. So, with all the aspects like writing rhymes, producing, copyrights, publishing, placement, promotions, performing, deals and a whole lot more got to get understanding about it. The cause of not understanding what you claim to do as a profession, will affect you being broke, busted and disgusted. Now, we will use the “game” reference-if you don’t understand the “rules of how to play the game”, you will either loose or not be able to play at all. Do you understand me?

As a artist, you have to respect the hip hop/rap. Once again, I didn’t say/write “like” it, but respect it. Many people don’t go to far, because they are affected by their lack of respect in the game for it. Respect is defined as a condition of being honored and having the right or privilege for acknowledgment. Some artists have been doing the same thing for years and haven’t received respect, because they haven’t given any to be acknowledged. Regardless of how many artists you feel are “destroying hip hop”, you still have to respect it. Let’s get back to using Common’s bar. Do you realize how many lives and souls have been affected by hip hop? Some people respected the game so much…they gave their lives for it. Whether people are affected in a positive or negative way, you have to give respect to hip hop/rap. Hip hop has done so many great and influential things within and outside our culture-even people who don’t listen to hip hop/rap can respect it. Sometimes, artists may pull a Phonte (i love hip hop, just hate the people in it), but respect is still there for hip hop/rap. The cause- the fans don’t see you respecting hip hop;the affect-they won’t respect you either.

In closing, Common’s bar shows us what our main goal is as microphone bullies…affecting the world. Whether your doing holy hip hop, conscience, political,gangster, hard core, snap or any other branch off the tree-you are affecting someone. Common also said in his bar, that hip hop is art. What picture are you painting? What is your cause in the game? What is your affect on your fans? The next time your writing or on the stage-remember Common’s haunting words of the “lives and souls” you affect. A true microphone bully understands and respects the cause and affect of hip hop/rap and uses it to their advantage to affect and paint the world. Go grab a paint brush.

Written By Chican George



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  1. >Wow. Well written, good points.

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