50 Cent covers Jet magazine for October and talks being a bully, his latest publications and education.

On being a Bully:

“I was (a bully) at different points during my childhood. I was dealing with my emotions the wrong way. From a child’s perspective, you don’t understand. As an adult, you get that’s not the way to deal with things.”

On our community reading:

“I think they want to read things that they have an interest in. It’s unfair to point out African Americans when there’s a huge population of people from different ethnic backgrounds who choose not to pick up a book.”

On Education:

“Some people think you measure intelligence by an actual degree, whether its a bachelor’s or master’s. Let’s say you went to college the first year and didn’t pick a major. Does that make you more intelligent than a person who didn’t finish high school? Students can graduate from school and be able to quote business philosophy verbatim, but in reality, that’s not all that’s needed to be successful (in business).”

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Jet to read the full article.

Source: Bossip

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